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Leadership Development

The Leadership Development Course (LDC) is a 6 week intensive training for those with a minimum of 5 years leadership experience.

Birthed out of Seamill Centre in Scotland, LDC's are now located around the globe bringing needed evaluation and focus for leaders and teams.

The course dives into the phases of growth of a leader’s life, mentoring, team building, direction setting and much more. Practical one to one mentoring, peer mentoring, workshops, ministry times are all vital parts of the course.

The next LDC starts  March 31, 2024
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Why attend an LDC?

Get time away from your present responsibilities to seek God.

Understand your gifting and calling for a clarity of focus.

Gain a knowledge of your phase of growth as a leader.

Learn specific skills in leadership and mentoring.

Have team leadership and participative leadership style modeled.

Enjoy an environment for special encounters with God.


The LDC Course Structure

Using a lot of discussion, the teaching style utilizes question times, role plays, games, exercises and hands-on workshops to help you learn and assimilate the teaching.  

All participants meet weekly with processing groups and peer groups.  The teaching is modeled by staff, and is filled with practical application and assignments.

The course is all about you as a leader — developing yourself and then others on your team. It’s not just about accomplishing the task but building up the people on your team in the process — as Ephesians 4 puts it, “equipping the saints for the work of ministry.”


Who should attend an LDC?

Are you considering a transition in ministry?

Have you plateaued in your life or work?

Are you unclear about your future ministry? 

Has your leadership suffered in developing people? 

Do you desire to invest in potential leaders on your base or team? 

Have you struggled in shared leadership and understanding the convener model of ywam international? 

Do you need insight on developing a plan to finish well?

The LDC course has been designed for a base, national or ministry leadership team members, or people with similar experience in leadership. We are generally looking for those who have had 5 years of leadership experience.

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Student Overview of the LDC

The course is U of N accredited (6 credits). A good working knowledge of English (written and spoken) is necessary. The curriculum is lived out in the context of the school, and modeled and processed according to the following factors: 

  1. All staff sit in on every class to be involved in interaction with participants.
  2. Regular worship and ministry times where you can encounter God’s presence in a powerful way. 
  3. Spiritual workshops every week on practical aspects of leading in the anointing of God.  Topics covered include: overcoming the fear of man, working with the Holy Spirit in prayer, practicing prophecy, growing in boldness through proclamation, stepping out of comfort zones in applying God’s power.
  4. Students mentor one another in groups of three – (1 session a week), to review teaching, hold each other accountable, openness with struggles, repentance, prayer for each other, encouragement.
  5. Small group processing or mentoring times (1 session a week). 5-6 people, with a staff member facilitating discussion and evaluating progress.
  6. Regular evaluation of teaching and events taking place throughout the week by the whole class – observations, applications, learning points.
  7. Weekly writing of a personal pictorial journal – highlighting the areas where God has impacted us and the application we have done or plan to do. Evaluated by staff.
  8. An in-depth time of listening prayer where each student is individually prayed for by a small group, to hear from the Lord on their behalf and bless them, confirm direction, exhort etc.
  9. Alternative forms of worship modeled and enjoyed!. Family worship as appropriate. Delegates helping to lead worship as appropriate
  10. One to one mentoring times by staff on any issue, personal or ministry related. Staff are fully available for this.

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Our campus is located in beautiful East Texas. The LDC is a total of 6 weeks, and the cost is $1,599 USD. This includes housing, food, and all classroom materials. 

Go ahead and start a Q/A email conversation with Lauren. She is our on-site LDC coordinator and ready to help answer any questions you have about applying for the LDC.

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