2023 Year-end Review


We like to say, "God is winning in the nations!" It's not just a motto, but a reality. Click through the presentation to review a snapshot of our mission in 2023 and our hopes for the future.

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2 min read

Missions Changed Me

From as far back as my junior high school, I remember struggling to find happiness. I felt like I didn’t fit in and lost confidence in myself. School was difficult and friendships...

2 min read

Unexpected Friendships

When we follow God, sometimes we have our own expectations of what God will do through us. This can sometimes cause us to put God in a box and feel like we aren’t being used at...
2 min read

Miracles in the Classroom

What does a young person chasing after God's heart look like? Christian Heritage School desires to fan the flame of the next generation. Every day is a new opportunity to learn...