Your Family Can Do Missions.


"The Discipleship Training School (DTS) created space in our lives to go deeper in our relationship with God and really hear from God. We learned from amazing missionaries from all over the world, which fueled our faith." ~ Chad


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Is God calling your family into missions? Are you wondering if you can actually do something like this? Are you looking for a place where your children can grow in the Lord, too? Join other families as we pursue the heart of God together.


Whole Family

Want to see your whole family discipled and trained for missions? We believe God calls WHOLE FAMILIES into missions together, working through all ages and generations to accomplish His purposes.


Family DTS

Our campus is truly designed for the family. No matter which time of the year you choose for your DTS, it'll be great. However, every July we focus one of our training schools on families. 


Campus Phase

Your YWAM DTS starts with training and discipleship on our campus. During this phase, you will build deep friendships, grow your faith, and get equipped by seasoned missionaries to share the Gospel in relevant ways.


Family Sync

While the parents are in class, the kids are simultaneously studying and growing in similar topics with their peers. Your kids will have a summer experience like never before!


International Trip

The following 2 months your team will go on outreach. We love to create opportunities for entire families to serve together, going beyond their comfort-zone to love on the hurting and broken, whether in our local cities and communities or abroad.

Your family will experience some amazing moments together.
Meet the Greb family and their journey into missions.

FAMILY DTS! That's right! Bring the whole family!

We are here to help your family figure out how to get into missions together. This could be the most important decision you may make in the destiny of your family.

We've created a safe environment for you and your family to grow together. Let's talk. Get information from our Family DTS webpage. 

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Our 10 and 12 year olds had both grown hugely in their faith and were motivated to share the Lord with others as we stepped into a new culture.


Graduate 2017

Family DTS and Family Sync Begins July

Carving out space and time for your family to grow close to God and each other isn't always easy, but it's always worth it. If you are sensing God wanting you do change up the status quo and do different, we are here to help you. By filing out the pop-up form, one of our family missionaries will give you a call and talk about all the amazing opportunities for your family. 


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